Artist Statement

The one undeniable truth that I base my work in is that we all have souls, and
we are all connected on a spiritual level. I strive to interrogate, explore, and
encourage sense making about the process of creating more equitable
circumstances for all. What I ultimately aim to create are the conversations
surrounding social justice and Black experiences in America that begin to percolate
among individuals after they have experienced my work.

Storytelling in the foundational method I use to connect with audiences
because I believe stories are an all encompassing of mode communicating messages
that everyone can relate to. My art is at times therapeutic for me in nature, serving
as a way to reinforce my own personal thoughts on the subject matter, or to purge
myself of the negative feelings that come along with the injustices I’m constantly
reminded of in my surroundings. Recognizing beauty in pain has been a helpful way
of remaining optimistic while attempting to encourage others to do the same, but it
has also proven to be an effective way for me to keep myself grounded in the reality
of the struggle that is life that I believe everyone can relate to.